Physico-chemical properties of physiologically active polysaccharides from wheat tissue culture

  • S. K. Kazybekova The Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • N. K. Bishimbaeyva The Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • A. S. Murtazina The Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • S. M. Tazhibaeyva Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty Kazakhstan
  • R. Miller Max Planck Institute of colloids and interfaces, Germany, Potsdam


Polysaccharides (PS) from wheat cell culture were isolated by liquid-liquid extraction. The molecular mass distribution was determined by gel-permeation chromatography (GPC) using dual detectors for the simultaneous detection. It was supposed that PS sample from wheat cell culture has molecular weight of 1632 Da. The physic-chemical properties of PS such as solubility in different solvents, surface activity, ξ-potential, the pH value, polydispersity (PDI) were determined. The PS sample was soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol, acetone and chloroform. ξ-potential of PS was evaluated in order to determine its charge at different pH value from 3 to 9. As a result, the ξ values for the PS solution were negative throughout the pH range studied, varying from -2.85 mV (pH 3.0) to -21.1 (pH 9). Using tensiometry method, surface tension of the PS at the liquid/air interface was investigated. At 0.05% concentration interfacial tension decreases slowly and reaches an equilibrium value after ~ 8-8.5 hours. The pH was equal to 5.6±0.05. For a PS solution of 0.001% at pH 5.5 PDI was equal to 0.595.

Author Biography

R. Miller, Max Planck Institute of colloids and interfaces, Germany, Potsdam
Kazybekova S.K.1, .1*, Murtazina A.S.1, Tazhibayeva S.M.2, Miller R.3


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polysaccharide; surface activity; average molecular weight