RAPD analysis of genetic diversity in Berberis iliensis a species endemic to Kazakhstan

  • Z. D. Akishev Al-Faraby Kazakh National University
  • I. T. Smekenov Al-Faraby Kazakh National University
  • A. N. Usenova Al-Faraby Kazakh National University
  • A. B. Duisenova Al-Faraby Kazakh National University
  • B. B. Smailov Al-Faraby Kazakh National University
  • N. M. Mukhidinov Al-Faraby Kazakh National University
  • A. K. Bissenbaev Al-Faraby Kazakh National University


Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers were used to measure genetic diversity of Berberis iliensis (Berberidaceae), a species endemic to Kazakhstan and an important medicinal plant, collected from three populations along the Balkhash River. A total of 104 amplified bands were scored from the 4 RAPD primers, and a mean of 26 amplified bands per primer and 96% (100 bands) percentages of polymorphic bands (PPB) were found. The Shannon’s index was used to partition genetic diversity. Genetic diversity estimates indicated that 26 % of total diversity was among populations and 74 % within populations. In this study, the RAPD results of genetic diversity are similar to those of previous studies employing allozymes (17 % among populations and 83 % within populations). The RAPDs provide a useful tool for assessing genetic diversity of rare, endemic species and for resolving relationships among populations. The results show that the genetic diversity of this species is high, possibly allowing it to more easily adapt to environmental variations.


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Mukhitdinov, А.А. Ametov, A.K. Bissenbaev Analysis of genetic polymorphism of endemic Berberis iliensis population in Ile-Balkhash region of Kazakhstan
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DNA (RAPD) markers; polymorphic bands; Shannon’s index