Synthesis of metal organic framework materials by performing linker exchanges using solvothermal procedure


  • G. Tuleushov Eurasian National University
  • Martin Attfield The University of Manchester



Metal organic frameworks are crystalline nanoporous material constructed from metal ions and bridging organic linkers. These materials are currently receiving considerable research interest due to their adsorption properties and high surface area, which could be used for gas storage and separation. The research involves two main procedures: 1) synthesis of ZIF-76 with LTA framework and performing linker insertion using SALE technique.

Author Biography

Martin Attfield, The University of Manchester

School of Chemistry


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Tuleushov, G., and Martin Attfield. 2018. “Synthesis of Metal Organic Framework Materials by Performing Linker Exchanges Using Solvothermal Procedure”. International Journal of Biology and Chemistry 11 (1):198-202.