Modeling of the explosion of pyroxylin or combustion of the pyrotechnic composition




Considering the blow force as the given parameter during the combustion of pyrotechnic compositions, it is possible to calculate the mass of a necessary charge of pyrotechnic formulation. By this cause, a special interest is the model of an explosion or burning of the pyrotechnic composition, in which is possible at high degree of accuracy to calculate the mass of the pyrotechnic charge. This will lower the percentage of accidents when dealing with pyrotechnics. The aim of the work is formulation of the physical and mathematical model of explosion or combustion of pyrotechnic composition on the basis of laws of conservation of momentum and energy. The calculation formulas were checked on a concrete example – pyroxylin and compared with data from reference books and the Internet. The analysis of a calculated formula for a pyroxylin showed that in the course of explosion the main contribution to destruction of the chosen objects is made by a potential energy of gases (about 88%), and only 12% by a kinetic energy of incandescent gases, but when calculating force of explosion it needs to be considered.


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Tulepov, M. I., F. Yu. Abdrakova, L. R. Sassykova, Z. A. Mansurov, A. Kuznetsov, I. A. Pustovalov, G. A. Spanova, D. M. Tolep, and B. Elouadi. 2020. “Modeling of the Explosion of Pyroxylin or Combustion of the Pyrotechnic Composition”. International Journal of Biology and Chemistry 12 (2):105-11.