Dynamics of some physical and chemical properties оf biological fluids in surgical treatment оf alveolar hydatid disease of liver





The aim of this work was clarifying the dynamics crystallogenic and initiating activity of patients’ biological fluids in alveococcosis during surgery and in the late postoperative period. The material of the study included samples of saliva and urine of 22 patients treated for alveococcosis. Taking some biological fluid (mixed) was managed at the admission and before discharging from the hospital. Then the slides were prepared using the method teziocrystalloscopy that combines the study of its own crystal forming activity of mixed saliva (classical crystalloscopy) and its initiating properties with respect to one basis substance (comparative teziography). As the latter, 0.9% sodium chloride solution was used in this study. Criterial evaluation of the results crystalloscopic and tezigraphic tests was carried out, using our own system of parameters. The data of visual morphometry of microslides of dehydrated saliva were supplemented with spectrophotometric investigation of crystalloscopic tezigraphic facies performed on spectrophotometers PowerWave XS (USA) at wavelengths of 300, 350 and 400 nm. It was stated that surgical treatment leads to partial normalization of physical-chemical parameters and composition of patient’s body fluids by the time of discharging from the hospital, and it is manifested in the dynamics of their crystallogenic and initiating properties.




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Martusevich, A.K., and O.B. Zhdanova. 2020. “Dynamics of Some Physical and Chemical Properties оf Biological Fluids in Surgical Treatment оf Alveolar Hydatid Disease of Liver”. International Journal of Biology and Chemistry 13 (2):110-16. https://doi.org/10.26577/ijbch.2020.v13.i2.13.