Selected Kazakhstani plants with possible lymphatic properties




Search for drugs that affect the functions of the lymphatic system in normal state and under various pathologies is extremely relevant and important. Intensive research is being conducted worldwide based on the idea of influencing any pathological process through the lymphatic system. One promising strategy is the use of herbal medicines as integrative, complementary and preventive therapy. The active components in medical plants have always been an important source of clinical therapeutics and their molecular pharmacology offers a great chemical diversity with often multi-pharmacological activity. In this review, we mainly analyzed the immunomodulating/anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity of important Kazakhstani plants (Ribes nigrum, Crataegus almaatensis, Ziziphora bungeana, Alhagi kirgisorum, Rosa majalis, Hypericum perforatum, and Bergеnia crassifоlia). These plants have industrial reserves on the territory of Kazakhstan, and they have been used in traditional medicine since ancient times and are approved for use in official medicine. They are characterized by a high content of polyphenols,
polysaccharides which have a stimulating effect on the lymphatic flow and promote the activation of the synthesizing apparatus and mitochondria in lymphoid cells and macrophages in the regional lymph nodes. In addition, they have a stimulating effect on the cellular composition of the lymph node and other synergistically acting biologically active compounds necessary for treatment and prevention of lymphatic system diseases.


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Zhumaliyeva, G. T., E. K. Makashev, A. I. Zhussupova, S. N. Abdreshov, and G. A. Demchenko. 2020. “Selected Kazakhstani Plants With Possible Lymphatic Properties”. International Journal of Biology and Chemistry 13 (1):118-28.