Assessment of minor and trace elements in mineral fertilizers purchased in Almaty city, Kazakhstan, using k0-INAA




The fertilizers are essential in agriculture as they supply macro and micronutrients to growing crops. The appropriate consumption of nutrients, as well as minimized concentrations of pollutants are the basis of good health of human. The control of content of minor and trace elements in fertilizers can lead to improvement of living conditions of local population. The presenting study is aimed on the investigation of concentration of minor and trace elements, purchased in Almaty city, Kazakhstan. The concentrations were found by k0-INAA method after crushing and homogenization of the samples. Ljubo-zeleno mineral fertilizer contains high concentration of calcium, potassium, sodium, as well as elevated concentrations of strontium and barium. In Fertika main components are calcium and potassium, although strontium and barium are presented in lower concentrations, than in Ljubo-zeleno mineral fertilizer. In Bujskie udobreniya monopotassium phosphate and ammonium nitrate Fasko mineral fertilizers most of analyzed components (except macrocomponents) are contained in concentrations, lower than the limit of detection of the used method.




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Jacimovic, Radojko, Ilona Matveyeva, Nurgul Nursapina, Balnur Shynybek, Sholpan Nazarkulova, and Oksana Ponomarenko. 2020. “Assessment of Minor and Trace Elements in Mineral Fertilizers Purchased in Almaty City, Kazakhstan, Using K0-INAA”. International Journal of Biology and Chemistry 13 (2):130-40.