Investigation of antioxidant activity and effect on cell viability of pyrrolidine compounds in MCF-7 (breast cancer) and DLD-1 (colon cancer) cell lines


  • Seda Mesci Hitit University
  • Melek Gül
  • Tuba Yıldırım



The effect on cell viability of the pyrrolidine compounds was determined for 24 hours at different concentrations (25-100 µM) on cancer (MCF-7 and DLD-1) and normal (MCF-12A and CCD-18CO) cell lines by comparing MTT and RTCA assays. The antioxidant activities of the pyrrolidine compounds were determined at different concentrations (25-200 mM) with DPPH, metal chelating and reducing methods. In addition, the calculation of the structural properties of the new pyrrolidine scaffolding with the DFT method was presented.

It has been determined that pyrrolidine compounds reduce the number of MCF-7 cancer cells according to a negative control by half of and inhibit the DLD-1 cancer cells with the MTT method. IC50 value for MCF-7 cell was determined as 100 µM. Metal chelation and DPPH activities have close results. The IC50 value of DPPH activity of the compounds ranged from 108 to 142 µg / mL.