The Chemical activation as a prospect for the transformation of fossil coal from the Kalewa deposit into active coals


  • Zaw Ye Naing MUCTR, Moscow, Russia.
  • A. Nistratov D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
  • V. Klushin D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia



For the purpose of evaluation of suitability of the Kalewa fossil coal deposit (Kalewa, Myanmar) for the production of granular active coals, the results of its petrographic analysis in the form of maceral composition and an arbitrary vitrinite reflection index are characterized, indicating the potential possibility of its use for solving this problem, based on the data of thermographic tests performed in a protective atmosphere, the rational limits of the thermal effect on this raw material during pyrolysis are estimated, the rational conditions of this process and the activation of its carbonized residue by water vapor are presented, the low efficiency of steam activation is shown, and the results are presented. The results of the chemical activation of the named fossil coal by alkaline agents in the form of NaOH and KOH, indicating the possibility of obtaining active coals with structural and adsorption properties acceptable for practical use, the conclusion is made that the processes need to be improved.