Study of the new composite sorbents for water treatment


  • Safura Satayeva
  • Firuza Akhmetova KazNU
  • Roza Jusupkaliyeva
  • Dauriya Nazarova
  • Ivan Kazarinov
  • Manshuk Mambetova
  • Bekzada Salim
  • Yiliya Hahaleva



Water pollution has become one of the key global environmental problems. Heavy metal ions are the main pollutants of water. Therefore, this study focuses on the manufacture of a highly efficient filter that absorbs heavy metals for water purification using inexpensive materials. The article discusses and shows the possibilities of using new sorption materials for water softening purposes. Experimental data on the study of sorption properties of the developed material are presented. Possible ways to improve the water treatment existing scheme of the enterprise are proposed. The study object was natural mineral sorbents, promising for use in water purification and conditioning processes. The work aim was to experimentally evaluate the use effectiveness of natural mineral sorbents for water purification.

Research by using modern physico-chemical methods, it has been shown that natural mineral sorbents effectively purify water from pollution. The most promising natural mineral sorbents turned out to be the flask of the Taskala deposit of the West Kazakhstan region to purify water from heavy metal ions. Natural mineral sorbents purify water from excess iron ions and have pronounced sorption properties


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Satayeva, Safura, Firuza Akhmetova, Roza Jusupkaliyeva, Dauriya Nazarova, Ivan Kazarinov, Manshuk Mambetova, Bekzada Salim, and Yiliya Hahaleva. 2021. “Study of the New Composite Sorbents for Water Treatment”. International Journal of Biology and Chemistry 14 (2):88-92.