Predatory species of Scolytinae in Bursa province of Turkey


  • Tutku Gencal Bursa Technical University, Bursa, Turkey
  • Oğuzhan Sarikaya Bursa Technical University, Bursa, Turkey



Scolytinae, a large group of Coleoptera, are a vital community that causes forest damage. Species such as Pityokteines curvidens (Germar), Orthotomicus erosus (Wollaston), Tomicus destruens (Wollaston), Tomicus minor (Hartig) and Ips sexdentatus (Boerner) are particularly prevalent in the region. In recent years, the prevalence of bark beetle species causing tree damage in the Bursa province has increased. The purpose of this study was to determine the predator species of bark beetles responsible for causing damage in the forest areas of the Bursa province. Specimens were collected from 8 sites in the study area and identified as belonging to 25 species in 2 orders and 12 families. In study found that species such as Synuchus vivalis (Illiger), Opilo taeniatus (Klug), Trichodes apiarius (Linnaeus), Anthrenus scrophulariae (Linnaeus), Trogoderma angustum (Solier), Trogoderma glabrum (Herbst), Ampedus cinnaberinus (Eschscholtz), Cylister angustatus (Hoffmann), Cylister filiformis (Erichson), Rhizophagus depressus (Fabricius), Rhizophagus dispar (Paykull), Ipidia binotata (Reitter), Corticeus linearis (Fabricius), Corticeus pini (Panzer), Nemosoma elongatum (Linnaeus) and Dichrostigma flavipes (Stein) represent new records for both the Marmara Region and the Bursa province. It has been observed that eight species of insects, region Clerus mutillarius (Fabricius), Thanasimus formicarius (Linnaeus), Aulonium ruficorne (Oliver), Cylister elongatus (Thunberg), Hypnogyra angularis (Ganglbauer), Megalinus scutellaris (Fauvel), Corticeus fraxini (Kugelann) and Temnochila caerulea (Olivier), have set new records for both the Marmara Region and the Bursa province. Additionally, the presence of these species in the Bursa province represents a new record for the area. These findings were obtained through extensive studies of the insect populations in these regions.

Author Biographies

Tutku Gencal, Bursa Technical University, Bursa, Turkey

Res. Asst. Tutku GENCAL (F’ 27) received the BSc and MSc degrees in Forestry Engineering Department from University of Kastamonu and University of Bursa Technical in 2017 and 2022 respectively. Her MSc thesis is about Bark Beetle Fauna in Bursa Province. She is currently started to Ph.D. programme in Forestry Engineering, Forest Entomology and Protection Department.

Oğuzhan Sarikaya, Bursa Technical University, Bursa, Turkey

Prof. Dr. Oğuzhan SARIKAYA (M’ 43) has completed his PhD studies from Suleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Forestry in 2008 on Forest Entomology. He has many studies on Scolytinae and other forest pests. He became Full Professor in 2020. He is studying in Bursa Technical University, Faculty of Forestry, Bursa-Turkey.


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Gencal, Tutku, and Oğuzhan Sarikaya. 2023. “Predatory Species of Scolytinae in Bursa Province of Turkey”. International Journal of Biology and Chemistry 16 (1):33-43.