Mechanocomposites based on 1(10)β-epoxy-5,7α(Н),6β(Н)-guai-3(4),11(13)-diene-6,12-olide


  • S.M. Adekenov JSC “International research-production holding “Phytochemistry”, Karaganda, Kazakhstan



Current paper discusses the results of complex formation of 1(10)β-epoxy-5,7α(Н),6β(Н)-guai-3(4),11(13)-dien-6,12-olide with polyvinylpyrrolidone, disodium salt of glycyrrhizin acid and magnesium carbonate. Inclusion complexes with disodium salt of glycyrrhizic acid were obtained by mechanochemical treatment into micelles formed by the associated molecules of glycyrrhizic acid. Polyvinylpyrrolidone and magnesium carbonate form host-guest type complexes with 1(10)β-epoxy-5,7α(Н),6β(Н)-guai-3(4),11(13)-diene-6,12-olide. Mechanocomposites were obtained in Itomak laboratory ball mill MSHL-1 with 1 to 6 hours processing time. Studies on water solubility of obtained mechanocomposites demonstrate that water solubility of 1(10)β-epoxy-5,7α(Н),6β(Н)-guai-3(4),11(13)-diene-6,12-olide in a mechanocomplex with disodium salt of glycyrrhizic acid after 2-hour mechanochemical treatment increased by 4.61 times, in the mechanocomplex with polyvinylpyrrolidone by 4.42 times, and with magnesium carbonate by 1.66 times. The surface morphology of the obtained mechanocomposites was studied by scanning electron microscopy (magnification x500). After mechanochemical treatment, the original shape of the particles of the initial components has changed and it is impossible to isolate individual components, except for the formed agglomerates. The resulting substances are polydisperse powders with particles (5-20 µm in size) and their aggregates. The results obtained indicate that the increase in the water solubility of the substance based on 1(10)β-epoxy-5,7α(Н),6β(Н)-guai-3(4),11(13)-diene-6,12-olide has been achieved by the formation of supramolecular complexes after mechanochemical treatment with polyvinylpyrrolidone, disodium salt of glycyrrhizic acid and magnesium carbonate


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Adekenov, S.M. 2022. “Mechanocomposites Based on 1(10)β-Epoxy-5,7α(Н),6β(Н)-Guai-3(4),11(13)-Diene-6,12-Olide”. International Journal of Biology and Chemistry 15 (2):4-9.