Synthesis and characterization of LATP solid electrolyte by solution method


  • G. Turlybay National Laboratory Astana, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • E. Nurgaziyeva National Laboratory Astana, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • D. Issayeva School of Sciences and Humanities, Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • A. Mentbayeva School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Z. Bakenov National Laboratory Astana, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • S. Kalybekkyzy National Laboratory Astana, Astana, Kazakhstan

        202 307


Recently, considerable attention has been paid to the study of solid electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries. Ion conductive ceramic material NASICON-type Li1+xAlxTi2-x(PO4)3 (LATP) is a promising solid electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries due to its stability in air. Here we report the results of LATP synthesis using the solution method. It has been found that the ionic conductivity of LATP is largely influenced by the preparation method. Pure LATP was obtained with the grain size of 100-700 nm. Measured ionic conductivity of the prepared LATP was in order of 10-5 S cm-1 at room temperature. Its typical particle size is between 100 and 700 nm, and its relative density is 89.5 percent.




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Turlybay, G., E. Nurgaziyeva, D. Issayeva, A. Mentbayeva, Z. Bakenov, and S. Kalybekkyzy. 2023. “Synthesis and Characterization of LATP Solid Electrolyte by Solution Method”. International Journal of Biology and Chemistry 16 (2):123-28.