Method of gold extraction from ores of bakyrchik deposit by percolation bioleaching

А. Т. Kanaev, G. V. Semenchenko, A. A. Konysbayeva, A. A. Shilmanova, Z. K. Kanayeva


With a presumed steady decline of gold ore grade in mineral resources, mining applications enabling efficient metal extraction from low-grade ores are of increasing interest to the minerals industry. Microbial processes may provide one such solution since they can participate in the biogeochemical
cycling of gold in many direct and indirect ways. This review examines current literature on the role of microorganisms in gold processing and recovery. The review covers aspects such as the biotechnical pretreatment
of gold ores and concentrates, microbially catalysed permeability enhancement of ore bodies, gold solubilisation through biooxidation and complexation with biogenic lixiviants, and microbially mediated
gold recovery and loss from leach liquors.


gold extraction; ores; deposit; bioleaching; review

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