Frequency of vernalization requirement associated dominant VRN-A1 gene and earliness related Esp-A1 candidate genes in advanced wheat mutant lines and effect of allele on flowering time

S. Kenzhebayeva, G. Doktyrbay, N. Omirbekova, F. Sarsu, D. Tashenev, A. Aibekova


Seeds of the spring bread wheat variety Zhenis, registered in Kazakhstan, were irradiated with 100 and 200 Gray doses from a [60Co] γ-ray radiation source. Promising advanced M5 mutant lines were obtained and evaluated for mapping density of vernalization requirement associated dominant VRN-A1 gene and earliness related Esp-A1 candidate genes in 30 spring wheat mutant lines along with parent. Differences among generated mutant lines and parent were observed on frequency of distribution of VRN-A1 gene and Eps-A1 candidate gene alleles. Allelic variation at the VRN-A1 loci was observed in the 8 mutant lines (26.6%), mostly in 100 Gy mutant lines. A dominant (VRN) allele at its loci, which was present and indicated in these lines is sufficient to confer a spring growth habit. As for the candidate gene Esp-A1, eleven 100 Gy M5 mutant and six 200 Gy M5 lines, had Esp-A1 candidate gene allele. The two lines
24(2) and 43(4) carrying dominant allele of VRN-A1 had higher thousand kernel weight. Mutant lines carrying allele of Eps-A1 candidate gene found significantly differed from the parent especially in 100 Gy lines (73.3%) in flowering time.


spring wheat; mutation breeding; M5 mutant lines; VRN-A1 allelic variation; Eps-Am1 candidate gene allele

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