Nitrogen-containing inhibitors and their link to their protective mechanism with molecular structure

B. D. Burkitbayeva, A. M. Argimbayeva, G. S. Rakhymbay, G. S. Beisenova, Kh. Avchukir


A potentiometric method was employed to determine the protective effects of the investigated heterofunctional organic compounds, which are potential inhibitors of corrosion of steel, by hydrogen sulfide. According to the results of potentiometric measurements, the most effective of the studied substances can be classified as film-forming inhibitors of mixed effect with anodic predominance. The analysis of the change of the inhibitory properties of aminodiesters was carried out to explain the connection of the protective effect of the inhibitors with their molecular structure. It was
based on the principle of linearity of free energy. It was found that the most effective aminodiesters are characterized by the high hydrophobicity and electron-deficient property of the substituents. The article presents an explanation of the difference of the protective effects of the studied compounds based on their molecular structure and the nature of the corrosive environment. The obtained results can be used when synthesizing organic compounds with high inhibitory efficiency.


Steel; Corrosion; Protective effect; Adsorption; Hydrogen sulfide inhibitor; Molecular structure; Hydrophobicity

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