The study of microstructures of the rice husk and apricot stone for wastewater treatment

K. K. Kudaybergenov, E. K. Ongarbayev, Z. A. Mansurov, M. I. Tulepov


The microstructures of carbonized rice husk (CRH) and apricot stone (CAS) were studied to understand its adsorption of oil from refinery wastewater. Carbonization temperature affects the pore development of adsorbent materials resulting in elongated large pores as well as appearance of micropores, as evident from the SEM data. The results of chromatographic analysis of refinery wastewater showed that almost 86.2 and 92.4 % of oil product can be removed from the solution using CRH and CAS, respectively.


Carbonized rice husk; carbonized apricot stone; refinery wastewater; adsorption

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