Vol 5, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents

The technology of using plants to clean up soil PDF (Russian)
S. D. Atabaeva, A. Zh. Beisenova, S. S. Kenjebayeva, S. Sh. Asrandina, R. Alybaeva 3-12
Osmotic resistance of blood erythrocytes at rats unover in vitro infrasonic waves action PDF (Russian)
S. A. Sharipova 18-23
Bioremediation of heavy metal contaminated water by microalgae PDF (Russian)
B. K. Zayadan, A. K. Sadvakasova, M. M. Hassan, A. Zh. Beisenova 32-35
Prospects for use of beans lectins to obtain biopreparations for agriculture PDF (Russian)
E. D. Dzhangalina, B. A. Zhumabayevа, Z. G. Aytashevа 13-17
Osmotic resistance of blood erythrocytes at rats unover in vitro infrasonic waves action PDF (Russian)
S. A. Sharipova 18-23
Rheological properties of polymer basis for hydrogel dressings for biomedical application PDF (Russian)
L. E. Agibayeva, R. A. Mangazbayeva, G. A. Mun 36-43
Complex formation of polyelectrolytes with different groups of heavy and transition metal ions PDF (Russian)
E. E. Ergozhin, L. М. Tugelbaeva, B. R. Tausarova, R. K. Ashkeeva 44-48
Assessment of the Air Quality of Almaty. Focussing on the Traffic Component PDF (Russian)
Lars Carlsen, Nassiba Kh. Baimatova, Bulat N. Kenessov, Olga A. Kenessova 49-69
Interpolymer complexes based on N-isopropylacrylamide copolymers and polyacrylic acid PDF (Russian)
R. K. Rakhmetullayeva, G. A. Mun, E. M. Shaikhutdinov, U. Nakan, Zh. K. Bagitova 70-75
Nanostructured Hydrogel Dressings On Base Of Crosslinked Polyvinylpyrrolidone For Biomedical Application
G. S. Irmukhametova, E. M. Shaikhutdinov, R. K. Rakhmetullayeva, B. B. Yermukhambetova, G. A. Mun, G. Temirkhanova 76-80
A comparative analysis of biodiesels produced from vegetable oils and their waste PDF (Russian)
A. S. Belgibayeva, S. M. Kozbakarova, B. M. Ashim, Ye. K. Ongarbayev, S. Farrell 81-85
Characteristic traits of hydrochemical processes in continental reservoirs PDF (Russian)
S. M. Romanova 86-93
The change of the disperse composition, porous structure and formation of new surfaces of coals of Kiyakty deposit PDF (Russian)
M. I. Tulepov, Z. A. Mansurov, , A. Alimov, A. Zhumabaeva, A. Kalieva, Sh. Gabdrasheva 94-98
Water soluble copolymers of acrylamide with methylacrylate in reactions of complex formation with polyacrylic acid PDF (Russian)
Zh. K. Zhatkanbayeva, M. R. Yermagambetova, A. Amirova, G. A. Mun 99-103
Treatment of oil-containing wastewater using microorganisms immobilized on shungite PDF (Russian)
M. K. Kazankapova, A. J. Bekjanova, S. A. Efremov, A. K. Nurtaeva, M. K. Nauryzbaev 104-110
Influence of oil of the Tengiz field and enterosorbents on hematologic indicators of blood of small mammals PDF (Russian)
S. A. Sharipova, M. I. Dossymbetova 111-115